Oakridge Geological Consulting Corp. provides geological consulting services with surveying and camp construction capabilities.  Oakridge is dedicated to providing dependable services with high productivity at competitive rates.  Oakridge is owned and operated by J. Gignac, P.Geo., and registered with the Association of Professional Geologists of Ontario (APGO).  Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your needs.  We look forward to building a successful project with you.

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“Jennifer was an excellent co-supervisor for the drill management team at Osisko Hammond Reef. She is strongly committed to efficiency and production while maintaining high standards of health and safety. She is a sound team leader and is experienced in working in environmentally sensitive locations. I recommend her to any area of the exploration industry.”  ​Amanda MacDonald, Co-supervisor at Osisko Hammond Reef Gold Ltd., June 2013.​

 ​“Jennifer works hard and prioritizes effectively to get tasks accomplished. She is well organized and is an effective supervisor.”  Joseph Horawski, Reported to Jennifer at Osisko Hammond Reef Gold Ltd., December 2012.

“Jennifer was a great helper whilst doing fieldwork in New Brunswick for my Master’s thesis. Jennifer has an incredibly positive attitude and knows exactly what needs to be done and how to deal with issues as they arise. I would not hesitate to do fieldwork with Jennifer again.”  Jose Texidor Carlsson, Co-worker, Department of Natural Resources of New Brunswick, August 2005.



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